About us

Dear Customer,

My name is Tibor Kosdi.

I was born in the Netherlands and lived there between 1971 and 2011. I have Hungarian name, since my father is Hungarian. My grandfather had a farm in Hungary until the end of the Second World War where he was engaged in livestock-farming and cultivation of plants. In 1946 my grandfather’s farm has been collectivized due to nationalization arrangements of the communist regime and my grandfather had to work and be employed in a factory.

We are all farmers in grain, and so my father always wanted to own a farming business that was impossible during Communism. In 1956, in time of the Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence he decided to immigrate to Holland and settle there. His decision to immigrate to Holland was motivated by the Dutch farmers made a worldwide name for them when operating the most advanced farming in their small country.

At the beginning he was offered to work in a cucumber farm. My father has worked hard and enjoyed working with cucumber. But it was not satisfactory for him, since he always wanted to have his own farm at heart. After 10 years he spent on the farming he decided to establish an own farm.

My father and mother have worked hard and determined to make their business profitable. Their efforts were crowned with success, so they owned a highly-mechanized, well operating business.

In 1985 my elder brother also joined to the company. I joined in the business in 1993 and was active until now. According to my qualification and interest I was responsible for all the jobs concerning the machinery respectively maintenance. Holland is the second largest agricultural exporter of the world where I could acquire considerable knowledge and experience.

Unfortunately, the Dutch State has declared our area nature reserve and so we were forced to liquidate the family business.

Mónika, my girlfriend, and me decided to start a new life in Hungary. I decided to establish an enterprise for trading with different machines based on my qualification, experiences and sphere of interests.

I learnt that the globalization has great influence on everyone’s life and the only one reaction can be the improvement of productivity. And it does not work without mechanization.

I hope that I can really help you in the future basing on my knowledge, skills and experiences.